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Mental Midget for Hire
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Mental Midget for Hire [userpic]

well shit, everyone unfriended me. :(


The risk of canning your journal...

i was having severe stalking problems. :(

What kind?

And why did Tammy can you? I would've guessed she would be one to stick around.

i don't know.

things are afoot, mr. holmes!

omigawsh i canned everyone a while back...

romy ain't that special to get canned all by himself!!!

i want to eat your ass down by the river.


I was surprised to see him come back and even more surprised to see you gone.

I was about to can you as retribution, let me tell you what.

well, it's a good thing romy whined to me in an im... or else i'd have never come here and read y'all's dialogue!

romy woulda called me before nights end, crying on his pillow, wondering why tammy why??

and yeah, it wasn't an ugly thing... it was a thing.

i didn't. por vida!

ah, my west coast hunny bunny!

i'll always have a door open for you!

to be fair, you unfriended me first. I only removed the ones that hadn't friended me.

bullocks to that, mate.